About us

Our family and our sisterhood has always been the most important thing to us. We are not only sisters but we are best friends. So when we sat down to start our brand we knew that we wanted to stay genuine and true to who we are. We are sisters who love adventures and events and make an effort to surround ourselves with the people that make each moment something to remember.

At Tilted Three we make custom apparel that allows you to create a unique product to perfectly capture an event or specific moment in time and remember it forever. Because we know your event is as unique as you, we provide customizable options to make sure that you can create the perfect memory. We know that each person and each event has a different meaning and therefore needs to be expressed differently, so we have provided you with the ability to make sure your event represents you. 

Meet Heather

Heather is the middle sister and the dreamer. She has big dreams and goes after them. She is not afraid to shoot for the stars and see where she ends up (with generally quite a few laughable embarrassing moments along the way).


Shannon is the oldest sister and our rock. She is the “mom” of the bunch and is always there to lend a helping hand and keep us in check. Shan is the person to go to when you need someone to listen, give encouragement, and share wisdom.

Meet Colie

Colie is the youngest sister and fills her role perfectly. She is full of energy and drive and never lets fear stop her from going after what she wants. Colie brings energy to any room she walks into and is the life of the party. If you want to do something silly and out there, she’s your girl.

Embrace the Tilt

Clothing designed by you for you.